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Courtesy Visit to Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

KCR’s working committee paid a visit to Taylor’s University School of Architecture on 15th June 2017. A courtesy arrangement by Think City, the purpose of this visit is to comprehend the University architect students’ ideas on the KCR project.

Presentation starts with an introduction to the project by Taylor’s University.

Students’ then presented their ideas through presentation slides.

After the slides presentation, the team go through the students work.

Presented and explained by future architects.

Klang Town – The Sleeping Beauty. This is what Master Class of Architecture’s students from Taylor’s University call it. Well defined for a heritage town that is yet to be discovered again. Who will be the prince to wake up this sleeping beauty?



Before ending the visit, Mr. Ter Leong Leng, Chairman of Working Committee for KCR project brief the students on KCR initiatives and the progress to date.

The team also received a gift from Professor Robert Powell, a book related to future cities published by PAM (Malaysian Architecture Association).

For the right people and the right things will come to you in the most appropriate time.

Thank you Think City and Taylor’s University for this presentation and meet up. It’s a nice campus and the team rocks.